Saturdays: Lisa Quish/Olwyn Kearns/Martina Durnin & more..

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Date: Saturdays
Time: 11am - 12:30pm
Drop-in: €14
Flexi & Unlimited Passes welcome.

Lisa Quish

July 6th & 20th.

August 3rd & 10th

Lisa says, "In the context of Ayurveda, we will explore the pitta dosha. With warmer temperatures and longer days we have more strength and determination; the perfect time of year to explore asanas such as arm balances and heart opening poses".

About Lisa:

"I was drawn to yoga, as a unique system of study and practice that integrates seamlessly into all areas of life; recognizing and accommodating many different needs, life stages, cultures and personalities. I trust in the power of Yoga as the supreme teacher, inviting us through a 5000-year-old practice of asana, pranayama and mediation to explore through the body, mind and spirit our true nature.

I endeavor to bring a balance of learning and lightness to my classes, offering all students an equal amount of space and attention so they can discover the freedom and discipline that a well-balanced and joyful practice brings.

‘Bring a little yoga into everything you do and life just becomes a little simpler’

Martina Durnin - August

Martina has been practicing yoga for 13 years and teaching since 2004.

Martina holds the Iyengar Intermediate junior certificate and as such, has undergone intensive and continuous training with the most senior teachers in Ireland and abroad. Martina loves to share her passion for yoga with her students through her teaching. When not on the mat, she divides her time between spending quality time with her son and the study of Physical Therapy.

Olwyn Kearns - August

"I have been practicing Yoga for 11 years teaching for 6. In that time my practice has changed and Yoga has become a very positive stable force in my life.

Over the years my practice has evolved from the rigorous Ashtanga practice, through the creativity that Vinyasa flow allows and now to the warm and wonderful heart-opening Anusara practice where we learn to align our bodies in an optimal way so we can live and enjoy life on and off the mat more freely and fully.

Tony Purcell - August

Tony Purcell was one of the first people to teach ashtanga yoga in Ireland in the mid 1990s. A teacher of over 15 years experience, Tony originally qualified in Iyengar yoga.

Over the years he has studied with most of the world’s leading Ashtanga teachers including David Swenson, Lino Miele, Danny Paradise and Nancy Gilgoff. He continues to travel to India for several months every year to renew his practice.

Tony is one of Dublin’s most popular yoga teachers; creating an enjoyable and encouraging atmosphere in his classes. His original approach to teaching focuses on attention to form, alignment and breath awareness. Tony is a leading faculty member of the YogaRoom's 200-Hour and 500-Hour Yoga teacher training programmes.

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