Best Yoga Retreats

The 3 essentials for the perfect yoga retreat.

Carlingford Yoga have created perhaps the perfect yoga retreat. What's more, it's amazing value too.

We've got the 3 ingredients to ensure you have a great time, whether visiting solo or with friends. See for yourself!

#1 Great Yoga Tuition

Finding the right teacher.

The main benefit of going on a retreat is that you truly allow yourself to immerse in the practice.

Having the right teacher and the luxury of time to yourself without the usual business of everyday life facilitates faster learning and very real improvements.


Find that next level with your practice

With yoga, we become aware of how and where we are restricted — in body, mind, and heart — and how gradually to open and release these restrictions

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#2 Gourmet Vegetarian Food

We have designed an amazing menu of vegetarian delights. Our guests say it's almost too good!

Great food is an essential part of the experience. You will be inspired and wowed.

Radiate good health and take some recipe ideas home too!


  • The food was incredible! I got lots of inspiration to take home. Thanks for a lovely time.

    Cynthia - Canada
  • Excellent food, quantity, freshness, variety. Really good standard, a great job done by all involved.

    Patricia - Dublin
  • The food was totally amazing and would really encourage me to experiment more with vegetarian cooking.

    Sarah - Antrim

Enjoy great food and feel revitalised.

Colours, flavours and textures that are new and exciting.

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#3 Amazing Venue & Hospitality

We searched and finally we found it, the perfect venue. Sea views from your yoga mat. Charming guest rooms. Stillness, peace and quiet.

Hospitality is a joy for Stuart & Martina. 'We love making guests feel welcome'.

'The venue is perfect and guests truly relax. The views are superb; sailing boats passing, mountains across the lough. Beautiful'.


  • Excellent, from the moment I arrived I felt very welcome and at ease. I came on my own but felt very much included and part of a very holistic experience.

    Emily - London
  • Martina and Stuart were incredibly welcoming and great fun. A wonderful experience, totally relaxing and rejuvenating. I feel inches taller and very much revived after the weekend.

    Claire - Co. Cork
  • I came here stressed and tired and I am leaving more relaxed than I have felt in a long time. Stuart and Martina were so attentive, funny and welcoming... I dont want to leave! I also feel about 2 inches taller :)

    Grainne - Dublin

Time to visit

Hospitality means giving you the space to do your thing and be at ease, the opportunity to feel truly at home and amongst friends

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