Annette Cahill

Iyengar Yoga

Stuart Bobbett

Iyengar Yoga

Joanna Collins

Hatha Yoga

Keith Treacy

Freestyle Yoga

Lisa Quish

Elemental Flow Yoga

Paula Barry

Classical Pilates

Teresa Lewis

Iyengar Yoga

Our Teachers

Like you, we are students of yoga

Teachers with a wealth of experience and dedication to their craft are not commonplace. Each of us continues to develop our craft to ensure you receive the best tuition. We value your effort.

You want to feel challenged but not out of your depth. Right? Each teacher will give you options within poses to increase or decrease the difficulty.

We have the best yoga props to support you when needed.

Are you ever confused about types of yoga?

Know this: 'Hatha yoga' is an all encompassing term. If you are doing yoga poses, then you are doing 'Hatha yoga'.
What varies is method. Some teach a flowing style. Others teach poses individually, with more emphasis on detail and alignment.

Keeping it fresh

Our regulars keep coming back for more. Why? Because every class, every week feels new and different. New poses, a different emphasis or focus each time you come along makes it exciting, fun and brings new understanding for students of yoga. And Pilates!

Individual attention

There can be a lot to take on board when starting out or trying a new pose.
Small class sizes means you get the individual attention you need, when you need it. This matters.