Boost your immune system with this pose

One yoga pose to do this winter if you are short on time:

Setu bandha sarvangasana

(supported bridge)

Using props makes this a restorative version of the more active ‘bridge’. This is a healing pose on many levels, especially when coupled with other inverted poses.


1) Soothing to the nervous system, your mind becomes calm & quiet
2) Opens your chest and lungs, therefore improving your breathing
3) Relieves eye & ear strain, relieving tension headaches
4) Rests your heart (due to the position of the brain lower than the heart)
5) Increases circulation of lymph around your chest, therefore it is beneficial for your immune system, helping you to fight those winter colds and flu.

Getting into it:

1) Sit on the edge of your bolster (alternatively you can use 3 blankets folded three times lengthways)
2) Lie back on your bolster, use your hands to push the top blanket and move along the bolster until the lower tips of the shoulder blades are on the edge of the bolster, with your head on the floor and chin tucked in. The tips of the shoulders may or may not touch the floor to start with but with the help of gravity they may come down after a while.
3) Use belt around your thighs to help them roll internally so as to avoid compression in your lumber spine.
4) Straighten your legs( one at the time) with feet on few blocks and hip width apart.
5) Stay in the pose for 5 minutes

Hints & caution:

No strain in your lower back should be felt. If your back does not feel comfortable, take an extra support for your feet and make sure that the flesh of the buttocks is rolled away from the lumber spine and that your lower back is flat on the bolster.