Absorbing those subtle instructions in yoga class

'I used to think the only reason my teacher gave me this information was so that I could stay safe, move further in the pose and get strong'.



A simple yoga routine for healthy hamstrings

Hamstrings by their nature become tight. We need to stretch them regularly. The benefits in terms of our ease of movement and in turn our whole yoga experience is transformed when we get these muscles in good order.



Why do people do yoga?

Really enjoyed this article. Hear what a Harvard academic has to say.. Best, Stuart



Boost your immune system with this pose

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana pose, using supports benefits the breathing greatly and boosts the immune system. It's important to set up correctly. Here's how.



Beginner to Improver Level Yoga Class

Move beyond beginner poses. Improve and deepen your yoga practice



Yoga and Aging - benefit from a greater understanding

"To age gracefully means to live life generously, appreciating our bodies and our lives for what we can do, and do that with gratitude in our heart."



How twisting poses detoxify the body

Twisting provides an undeniable range of benefits to the body and mind



Why we practice inversion poses in yoga

Headstand and shoulderstand bring major health benefits as well as boosting energy



The connection between Yoga and Meditation

What is the connection between yoga and meditation?



The Elusive Tailbone

Controlling the alignment of the tailbone makes every difference to how you perform a yoga asana / pose.



Yoga is Not Stretching

The ubiquitous trope that “yoga is stretching” is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of both yoga and human anatomy. Now that scientific research is largely debunking ingrained notions of what it means to “stretch,” the language that yoga teachers and media are using to describe what yoga practice does needs to be questioned.




An introduction to pranayama (medititive breathing techniques) in yoga.



Building your yoga practice

You might call it DIY. Building your yoga practice is like building a structure.



Best Yoga Retreats

Going on a yoga retreat is such a brilliant way of rebooting back to a healthier lifestyle.

Find out what's involved and what our guests think of the experience.



Best Nutrion Guide. How to better control your Energy and Stamina

Diet plays a huge part in how well we feel and function. Here how to get the balance right.



Benefits of yoga

"The great advantage of yoga is that it can be practiced by anyone, irrespective of age, sex and physical condition". BKS Iyengar



Wherever I lay my mat

One of the great things about yoga, is the fact that you can transport your mat anywhere in the world, for free.



Ayurveda & the Chakras

Inspired by the connection between things, Lisa Quish gives her thoughts on the synergy between Ayurveda and the Chakra, both systems that have greatly influenced contemporary yoga practices. Read more for Lisa's fresh take on these ancient systems



How I found the yoga practice that worked for me

Iyengar yoga is the practice I feel most grounded in and the one that has most influenced my personal yoga practice and teaching.